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Kandi K17 and K16 will be sold, not only rented

Up to now, Kandi had focused only on short-term rentals for its vehicles. Recently,  Kandi chairman Hu Xiaoming announced in an interview that the K17 and K12 BEVs would be available for retail, , according to a report

The Xuanfeng K17 will be launched first in June. It is a five-door four-seat BEV powered by a ternary battery, developed in cooperation with Geely. The K12 is a two-seat compact EV, and will be launched in August or September. The specifics for these two models have yet to be released.

According to Hu, the K12 and K17 will sell in the majority of provinces in China. He predicts 2015 sales of 10,000 units combined. Furthermore, Kandi will provide rental services in eight cities, eventually spreading to 15.

Currently, Kandi has 15,000 vehicles being rented out. The company plans to bring this to 25,000 by 2016.  Kandi was the creator of the “CarShare” rental service.


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