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King Long battery electric buses reach new sales high

NANJING, Jiangsu – Nanjing King Long had the second highest sales of any battery electric bus manufacturer in 2014, and its sales have reached a new high in 2015. According to company sources, King Long’s 2015 sales through April were 2,000 units, higher than all 2014 sales combined.

The 2015 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components was held in mid-May. King Long introduced another solar-powered battery electric bus at the exhibition, the NJL6117BEV.

Over the past few years, with the rise of the NEV industry, Nanjing King Long has come into its own as well. At the recent Auto Shanghai exhibition, King Long released its new Qingke D11 extended-range commercial bus. The D11 has a range of 430 km, and was well received by the industry. The NJL6117BEV is another attempt by King Long to maximize the environmental benefits of NEVs.

The NJL6117BEV’s power comes from solar panels covering much of its roof, and is fed into its battery. The panels give the bus a range of 30 km, which is the longest range of any solar-powered electric bus. After the range is exhausted, the battery module can be swapped out for a charged unit.

At this year’s exhibition, King Long also showed its Qingke D11, the upgraded NJL6706BEV bus, and the NJL6859BEV public transport bus.

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