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King Long enters Europe by signing dealership contract in Israel

Baotou Beiben Heavy-duty (Beiben) recently exported 110 units of heavy-duty trucks to Mongolia with a total value at $6.4 million. The demand for heavy-duty trucks in Mongolia has boomed driven by the country’s rising mining industry. Beiben, based in Inner Mongolia of China, managed to take its geographical advantage to explore the neighbor country’s market. This batch of Beiben trucks, including tractors and semi-trailers for coal transportation, has been consigned after quality check.


Sinotruk intends to invest in Taiwan to set up an export base on the island, according to a report in China Economic Daily on April 9. The report said that high-level executives from Sinotruk had already paid a visit to Taiwan for investment investigation and claimed that Sinotruk could be the first enterprise from Shandong Province to invest in Taiwan. Three days later, Dow Jones also covered the same issue in an interview with Wu Den-yih, a Taiwan official. Wu confirmed that Sinotruk has made an initial move to establish a manufacturing plant in Taiwan, targeting at the markets in Europe and North America.

Guo Huanan, vice director of Sinotruk’s public relations department, denied such reports. “We do’t know where the rumors come from,” Guo was quoted as saying by Guangzhou Daily on April 19. In a Sinotruk shareholders meeting held previously, the issue of investment in Taiwan was not discussed. But inspired by the rumors, the value of Sinotruk shares keeps rising recently, the newspaper said. Market analysts believe that after Sinotruk’s cooperation with MAN SE, the company has made strategic export plans.


Zonda Bus announced that it has signed an agreement with SJC Motors to export 7,800 units of buses to South Africa within a year, under a total value of $169 million. According to local regulations, buses entering South African market are required to pass a series of standard check and acquire official certifications. Zonda spent over a year under the process and two of its bus models, YCK6139HGN and YCK6603, got visas to the country early this year. The consignments will start from May this year.


During China’s Vice Premier Hui Liangyu’s visit in Israel in March, Xiamen King Long Motor Group (King Long) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Israel’s largest automotive dealer, Mayer’s Cars and Trucks (MCT), according to a report on

Based on the agreement, MCT will act as King Long’s exclusive agent in Israel’s bus market within the next three years. Also, through the cooperation, King Long will become the first Chinese busmaker to enter the Israeli market.

MCT has the largest automotive sales network in Israel, exclusively representing vehicles from Volvo, Jaguar and Honda. The company also owns a bus making joint venture with Volvo, boasting an annual production of 500 units. The auto dealer started contacting with King Long in 2008.

King Long, as one of the leading bus manufacturers in China, currently runs three production bases in Xiamen, Shaoxing and Nanjing, with total production volume at 50,000 units per year. The Chinese automaker exports buses to 59 countries and regions. King Long expects to export buses to Israel for its public transportation network. The company recognizes the cooperation as a launch point for entry into the Eastern European market.

Recently, King Long sent 59 units of XMQ6891G compressed natural gas (CNG) buses to Chile from Shanghai. The shipment came after King Long sent two sample models to South America in February and received orders soon afterwards.

According to Jia Bin, sales manager at King Long in the Americas, the South America sales project was launched at the end of last year. This new batch of CNG products is equipped with imported Cummins CNG engines under the Euro V emission standards. Together with the previous two sample models, 61 units of King Long CNG buses will be serving four public transit routes in Chile starting in May.

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