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Leshi to build smart electric vehicles

BEIJING – Leshi, one of the biggest online video providers in China, will produce smart electric vehicles which are named “Super Car” by the company, according to a report on

Leshi will redefine vehicles through the company’s “SEE” (Super Electric Eco-system) plan based on its successful ecosystem vertical integration model, Jia Yueting, chairman and CEO of Leshi, wrote on Sina Weibo on December 9. The “SEE” plan is the core of Leshi’s “Super Car” project which has been prepared for one year.

Leshi has built an R&D team for the “Super Car” in Silicon Valley, the United States, said the company at a press conference held on December 10, but declined to reveal details of the vehicle.

According to Leshi, the R&D team of the vehicle involves four sectors: traditional vehicle manufacture, pure electric vehicle manufacture, the Internet and intelligent hardware industry.

Leshi has contacted BAIC and other domestic and foreign automakers for cooperation, but did not announce its partner at the press conference.

BAIC and Leshi invested in Atieva, an electric vehicle design company in the U.S. in the middle of the year, becoming the largest and second largest owners of the American company respectively.

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