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Li Jindian: China should promote articulated buses, clean energy buses and low-speed EVs

Li Jindian, Chairman of Liaoning SG Automotive Group: China should greatly promote the use of the 14-18 meters long articulated buses as they are the most favourable solution to battle traffic congestion in China due to their low transport costs, high efficacy, low road occupancy and environmental friendliness. The vehicle purchase restriction is a move on the part of the government to control traffic gridlock, but efforts should also be made in public transportation sector to ease the traffic burden by introducing more and better public transportation vehicles.

The government should stimulate the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicle which is more mature in technology compared with compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to effectively resolve problems such as oil shortage and atmosphere pollution in China. The government should introduce a series of regulations and standards to establish facilities for LNG vehicles and the related service stations. The construction of infrastructure should be strengthened accordingly as well. In addition, the government should provide subsidies to encourage the use of clean energies.

Commercializing low-speed vehicles is the most feasible and acceptable option for China to greatly raise the industrialization level of the new energy vehicle industry at the present stage. The government should accelerate settling issues like product standards and catalogues regarding low-speed electric vehicles, and it should concentrate on scientific research for battery upgrades as well as issue encouraging policies for the second recycling of lead-acid batteries to avoid pollution. Furthermore, the government should implement simulative policies to develop low-speed electric vehicles in the new energy vehicle pilot cities in order to have a positive and exemplary impact on other cities in China. 

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