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Liu Hanru: Methanol ideal fuel for heavy-duty trucks

BEIJING – Liu Hanru, chairman of Hualing Xingma Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and NPC delegate, raised a motion to promote methanol as heavy-duty truck fuel at the recently closed Fourth Annual Session of the 12th National People’s Congress (NPC).

The carbon dioxide emissions of methanol are far less than that of petroleum fuel, said Liu. For example, mixed fuel of 30 percent methanol and diesel will reduce over 10 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. Besides, methanol fuel can enable trucks to reach the State-IV or higher emissions standards without the assistance of AdBlue.  

According to Liu, with mature methanol production technology and large production volume, China should expand the pilot regions of methanol usage in order to guarantee energy security.

Scientific propaganda and education are also important for the expansion of methanol usage, said Liu. According to a report released by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the toxicity of methanol is at the same level as that of fuel. Fire caused by methanol can be extinguished by water. Methanol can also be degraded by microorganisms if leaked, which is very environmental friendly.

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