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Liu Hanru: Sales of CAMC Hualing to increase 30 to 50 percent in 2015

KUNMING, Yunnan – Liu Hanru, chairman of Hualing Xingma Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd. (CAMC Hualing), predicted sales of the company increasing 30 to 50 percent in the next three to five years at a company business conference held recently, despite the 4 percent decrease of the heavy-duty truck industry in 2014, reported China Automotive News.

Sales of CAMC Hualing decreased 18.6 percent in 2014, according to company statistics.

Xue Yongchang, president assistant of CAMC Hualing, said there are still some shining spots of Hualing despite its sales slump in 2014. For example, sales of Hanma Power engine, the self-developed engine of Hualing, increased 93 percent in 2014. Orders of trailers increased 3.72 percent from 2014, accounting for 48.82 percent of the company’s total sales. Sales of harbor trailers grew 172.49 percent to 1,436 units, and sales of natural gas heavy-duty trucks saw increase of 26.77 percent to 1,255 units.

According to Liu Hanru, the overall sluggish economy, and the dropping real estate investment growth rate all led to a slump engineering truck and self-dumper market last year.

CAMC Hualing is capable of producing power assembly, vehicle body, body frame and axle independently, and becomes one of the few enterprises that obtain heavy-duty truck manufacturing technologies, according to the company.

CAMC Hualing currently owns product platforms including Hualing Xingkaima, Hanma, Hualing heavy-duty truck and Hualing stars. The company will focus on promoting new models of the Hanma platform as well as Hanma power engine and Hanma transmission in 2015. CAMC Hualing will also promote the 8×4 lightweight self-dumper, 6×2 road trailer, 4×2 harbor trailer, and Hanma H3 load truck in 2015.

According to Liu, CAMC Hualing plans to sell 25,000 heavy-duty trucks and chassis in 2015, up 33.33 percent from 2014, including 9,000 trailers, 7,000 mixer chassis, 5,800 self-dumper chassis, and 3,200 truck chassis. Output and sales target of Xingma special-purpose vehicle body is 11,900 units in 2015.

CAMC Hualing will build its own “One Belt and One Road” regions with “One Belt” as its traditional trailer market including Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen and Shenzhen harbors, and “One Road” as its engineering truck and concrete mixer markets in Northwest China.

CAMC Hualing will keep its “babysitter” style service around the country to increase customer satisfaction and shorten waiting period for maintenance. The company will also conduct vehicle connection project to realize intelligent management of vehicles, according to the company.


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