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Luxury Aston Martin opens flagship store in Beijing

Over the weekend UK luxury car brand Aston Martin opened its new flagship store in Beijing. The store is the third one Aston Martin has opened in Beijing in recent two months and the largest in the Asia Pacific region, China Daily reported.

Located at 66 Jinbao Street, Chaoyang District, the store is more than twice as big as Beijing’s other two Aston Martin stores. The 500 sq-m showroom will display seven of the luxury vehicles, each costing ¥1.3 million ($190,400). The three stores in Beijing were opened by a local distributor of Aston Martin cars.

The new store was launched ahead of the upcoming Spring Festival spending season. This time of year is when Beijing is at its most lively, as the capital has a growing appreciation for luxury goods, said Matthew Bennett, regional director for Aston Martin Asia-Pacific.

More than 80 Aston Martin vehicles were sold in China last year, 50 percent of which were sold in Beijing stores. “(Beijing) is a representation of the history of China, of the life in China, and this is why we are here,” said Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin.

At the launch of the store, the UK luxury car company unveiled its latest model, Rapide, to the Asian market. A few deposits on the new vehicle were made at the event yesterday, Bennett said.

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