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Magneti Marelli inaugurates new suspension plant in Guangzhou

GUANGZHOU – Magneti Marelli recently inaugurated a new plant in Guangzhou for the production of suspension systems and pedals systems, according to a corporate news release on May 31.

The plant is located near the Planvim Industrial Park, Nansha District in Guangzhou, and will integrate with the suspension systems area within the industrial perimeter of Magneti Marelli in China. It covers an area of 27,000 square meters, over 17,000 of which are devoted to production facilities. The production capacity at full speed will enable the plant to supply suspension systems for about 220,000 vehicles a year, and pedal boxes for about 100,000 vehicles a year with a workforce of about 60 employees.

Sylvain Dubois, Country Manager of Magneti Marelli China, said: “With the inauguration of this plant in Guangzhou, Magneti Marelli China integrates the activities related to suspension systems and plastic components and modules, also to support directly FCA Group brands in the region.”

Antonio Ferrara, CEO of Magneti Marelli suspension systems, declared: “The opening of the Nansha plant is an important result for the suspension business area in terms of the standardization of processes and the application of advanced production technologies. In terms of standardization, we are, for example, now able to replicate the same type and quality of process in Europe, in Brazil and in China, three key production areas in the automotive world. In terms of technology, we have furthermore implemented an evolved welding technique which allows us to obtain traceability for every single product.”

Magneti Marelli has been present in the country since 1996 with production plants and R&D/engineering centers in Shanghai, Wuhu, Guangzhou, Changsha, Hangzhou, Changchun, Hefei, Foshan and Xiaogan covering lighting, powertrain, suspension and exhaust systems close to its major OEM customers.

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