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Magotan goes on sales

BEIJING ¨C Magotan, the first B-segment model of FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd hit the market on July 11 at the foot of Great Wall in Beijing.


The model is available in one 2.0L and six 1.8T variants with retail prices ranging from ¥192,800 to ¥249,800 ($25,450-$32,974).


Produced on PQ46 platform, Magotan is equipped with 1.8 TSI engine which is currently being produced at a Volkswagen and FAW¡¯s JV engine plant in Dalian, Liaoning Province. The engine is based on Volkswagen¡¯s EA888 engine platform. With 7.5L fuel consumption at the speed of 100 km/h, Magotan satisfies Euro IV emissions standards.


The model also features over 10 airbags and side air curtains, Euro-NCAP Five-Star collision test result, keyless entry, active headlight system, electro-mechanical parking brake and Vehilce Stability Control.


The launch of Magotan enriches our lineup and increases FAW-VW¡¯s competitiveness,¡± said An Tiecheng, president of FAW-VW, at the launch ceremony.

The Magotan will mainly target at business executives who pursue social status and success in their careers, according to Weiming Soh, president of FAW-VW Sales Co., Ltd.


Soh also revealed that more new variants will follow up in 2008.


FAW-VW has considered Guangzhou-Toyota Camry as one of direct competitors, which has accumulatively sold 80,664 units in the first half of 2007. Other main rivals also include Accord and Passat Lingyu, which sold 64,443 and 60,249 units respectively at the same period of time.


According to an analyst, the Magotan doesn¡¯t have advantage in length compared with Passat Lingyu, which did the specialized adjustment to cater for Chinese consumers. And it also doesn¡¯t have as large inner space as Camry and Accord.

Just before the launch of Magotan, dealers of Passat Lingyu and Accord began to cut prices to fight against Magotan. The average price reduction is about ¥10,000.


Mr. Huang Yi, vice general manager of Beijing Auto Trade Center Co., Ltd, one of FAW-VW¡¯s 4S dealers in Beijing, told CBU/CAR that it has received 12 purchasing orders up to the interview and more people came to see the car. He also expressed his confidence in the future of Magotan.


With a competitive price and a high performance to price ratio, customers think that it is worth of owning a car like this,¡± said Huang.

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