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McLaren appoints new PR and sales directors

SHANGHAI – Ingrid Sun, former PR director of Porsche China, joined McLaren China as marketing and PR director of McLaren Asia & Pacific Region, responsible for marketing and PR business for the McLaren brand in China, Japan and Australia, according to a company release on February 14.

Sun resigned from Porsche China at the end of last December. Sun joined Porsche China in 2001 when Porsche started its business in China and she had been in charge of propagating and media operations for years. Sun took the post as Porsche China’s PR director in 2005 and she was a leader of building and promoting the brand image of Porsche in the China market.

Shen Gang, former sales manager of Porsche Center SH Puxi, was appointed sales director of McLaren China, effective immediately. Shen had served as sales manager in Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and other super car brands in the Chinese market since 2005. As Maserati China’s sales manager during 2005-2011, Shen helped the company launch many new models in China and achieve a sharp growth in market share in the Chinese luxury automobile segment.

The British supercar brand officially opened Chinese headquarters in Shanghai on September 9, 2013. McLaren’s first four dealerships started operations in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou in succession in the same month. According to the company, McLaren will set up four new dealerships in the first half of this year and four more in the rest of the year. The company targets the sales in China to take 10 percent of its global sales in the future.

“China is one of the most exciting and most dynamic markets in the world. We are trying to win the market and consumer there,” said Ron Dennis, chairman of McLaren.

McLaren, a famous F1 sports car automaker based in UK, founded McLaren Auto in 2010 to manufacture supercars. McLaren has launched the 12C, 12C Spider as well as P1 and the company plans to launch one brand new model or a derivative one to the market every year. McLaren 12C and 12C Spider have already sold in China and P1 will enter the Chinese market this year.

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