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Mercedes-Benz Actros 1841 low chassis trailer debuts in China

WUXI, Jiangsu – Mercedes-Benz released the Actros 1841 low chassis trailer recently during the 2014 China Logistics Entrepreneur Annual Conference, reported

As the only European style low chassis trailer introduced at the event, the Actros 1841 mainly serves fleet customers focusing on long-distance transportation of volumetric shipment. With saddle height 200 mm lower than other European brands, the Actros 1841 is capable of loading 12 percent more goods and largely increases transportation efficiency for the customers. The low chassis also improves the stability of the truck body, increases the safety during transportation, and reduces fuel cost at the same time due to less turbulence.

Powered by the OM501V six cylinder diesel turbocharger electric injection engine, the Actros 1841 can reach a maximum power of 300 kW (408 hp) and a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm. The BlueTec (SCR) technical solution enables the model to reach State-IV emissions standards by ensuring strong power at the same time. The PowerShift2 AMT, with 12 forward gears, four rear gears and five functional modes, is more intelligent and economic with better controls. Moreover, the FleetBoard intelligent vehicle managing system can optimize business operation, improve economic effectiveness for the customers, and make the Actros 1841 core of overall logistics solution of the company and fleet.

Daimler Trucks and Buses (China) Co., Ltd. was also awarded the “2014 China Logistics Social Responsibility Award” at the conference, according to the report.



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