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Michelin launches two green tire products

The green trend of reducing fuel emissions and consumption has spread to China’s tire industry, with joint ventures taking the lead. French tire maker Michelin announced the launch of two energy-efficient tires, XZA2 Energy and XTE2, to the China market on January 20. The two green tire products are tailored for the Chinese truck and bus markets. The company is confident that these products will help remedy high fuel prices and transportation costs in China.

XZA2 Energy is the only green tire with an inner tube in China’s long distance transportation market. Over 90 percent of trucks in China are equipped with tires that contain inner tubes, but XZA2 Energy was launched as an emission-cutting initiative. With Micheli’s Energy technology, the product’s rubber compound and surface pattern are designed to reduce rolling resistance. Meanwhile, XTE2 is the first special trailer dual tire with stronger puncture and flat spot resistance.

“Michelin has endeavored all these years to provide a wide range of products and solutions for Chinese customers. We are helping clients reach low-cost and high-profit transportations, through our supplies of safer and more energy-saving tires,” said Mathieu Chardin, sales and marketing director of Michelin China.

Micheline is not the only one rolling out these low resistance tires. German tire maker Continental Tire currently sells its ContiPremiumContact 2 and ContiEcoContact 3 in China, both of them low resistance models. Italian tire maker Pirelli launched the Cinturato P7 green tire on selected premium luxury models in China last year.  

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