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One hundred Yutong buses roll off production line in Venezuela plant

CARACAS, Venezuela – One of China’s leading bus makers, Yutong Bus, rolled off the production line and held a delivery ceremony of 100 buses in its KD plant in Venezuela recently. Aristóbulo Istúriz, vice president of Venezuela hosted the delivery ceremony.

According to Aristóbulo Istúriz, as an important part of the country’s Bolivar Economic Planning, the bus plant of Yutong will improve the transportation of Venezuela, promote 43 suppliers, and open up 11 new fields.

Ninety-five out of the 100 first batch buses have been delivered to customers, according to the company. The ZK6896HGA public transportation buses will serve 20 states in Venezuela including the capital city Caracas.

The Yutong Venezuela bus plant was a cooperation project witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro in July 2014. As the first direct investment plant of Yutong at the overseas market, the plant completed construction in December 2015. The plant is capable of producing different kinds of bus products with products ranging from 8-12 meter public transportation buses, passenger transportation buses to school buses with a designing production capacity of 3,600 units. Targetedmarkets include the whole Southern African Development Community and Latin American countries around.

Yutong Bus entered the Latin America market at the end of 2003 with sales networks covering 20 countries and regions now, including the Caribbean Nations, North American countries, and most countries in South America. Yutong exported 7,018 units in 2015 and ranked the first among the industry. Total export volume of Yutong to the Latin America market has exceeded 15,000 units, taking up more than 50 percent of the export volume of Chinese large and medium buses. The company has layouts in Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Commonwealth of the Independent States, and Africa with products delivered to 130 countries and regions such as the UK, France, Israel, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, Ghana and Angola.

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