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Opinions for electric vehicles

Energy resources and increasing pollution are probably the two greatest problems that need to be solved in the future development of vehicles in China. To my mind, the best solution may lie in the popularization of electric vehicles, and here is my vision in developing a car powered by electricity for the future:


Standardized electric vehicle batteries: the country’s electric vehicle batteries should feature standardized dimensions, voltage, electrical capacity and terminals, in order to allow them to be used in different vehicles and in different numbers, just like the batteries in laptop computers.


Recharging: dozens of electric vehicle recharging stations should be set up in cities such as Beijing to provide a quick-change battery facility. With standardized batteries this will enable the batteries to be swapped on-site within a few minutes, rather like a conventional gas filling station.


Management: drivers should pay only for the electricity that they have used when they exchange their vehicle batteries. The payment can be simplified through registration on a national network. Should the users exceed a certain number of charging times, 5,000 times, for example, they should pay an additional amount of money, or until the vehicle is scrapped.


What do you think of this simple and practical solution for future auto development? I’m just a supporter of electric vehicles.


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