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Parts-to-whole price ratio of 100 car models released

The parts-to-whole price ratio of 100 car models was released in late April by the China Insurance Association and the China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trade Association (CAMRA), according to a report on

The highest ratio was the Mercedes-Benz GLK, at 869.82 percent.

Parts-to-whole price ratio is the ratio of the price of all parts and components to that of the whole vehicle. As an indicator of a vehicle’s maintenance cost, the greater the ratio, the higher the maintenance cost.

Of the 100 models selected, eight had the largest vehicle parc, 80 were 2015 best sellers and 12 were unique models. The three models with the highest ratios were all from Mercedes-Benz. The second and third highest ratios went for the C-Class (W205) at 706.14 percent and the E-Class (W212) at 623.91 percent respectively.

The Lifan 620 had the lowest ratio at 157.98 percent. The average ratio of the 100 models was 329.35 percent, which is the lowest in the five times of rating by the two associations.

However, the highest ratio is 5.5 times of the lowest. “Overall, the ratio is acceptable,” Feng Jun, a senior official of CAMRA, was quoted as saying. “An optimized ratio is believed to be around 300 percent.” The parts-to-whole price ratio will be updated every six months to follow the changes of China’s auto parts market.

Chart 1. Distribution of the parts-to-whole ratio of 100 models


Chart 2. Parts-to-whole price ratio of the last five ratings

Pricing of the 100 models (RMB¥1,000)

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