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Pivoting to a new round of development: auto industry converges in Chongqing for annual GAF

CHONGQING – It is early June and that means it’s time for the annual Global Automotive Forum, or GAF, one of the industry’s largest international automotive conferences.

More than 900 people are expected to attend the 7th annual meeting of the GAF, which returns to Chongqing on June 6-7 for the second consecutive year to discuss the theme of Pivoting to a New Round of Development – China Opportunities: The 13th Five-Year Plan and Made-in-China 2025, according to a press briefing held on June 5 at the Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center, where the forum will take place.

“Of the 950 or so people that will attend GAF, one-third are from OEMs, one-sixth from suppliers and dealers, one-sixth from automotive related fields and the remaining one-third from domestic and international media,” said Wang Xia, chairman of CCPIT-Auto, at the press briefing.

Major topics and themes to be discussed and debated at the forum include the following:

  • Framework and Landscape: Focus on Future Strategies;
  • New Energy Vehicles: Outlook, Opportunities and Challenges;
  • Auto Supplier Perspective: Surviving and Thriving in an Era of Slower Growth;
  • The Role of M&A in the Development of the Auto Industry in China and Globally;
  • Innovation, Reform and Rule of Law;
  • Innovations in Sales and Marketing Strategies;
  • Intelligent Transport Systems for the Smart City;
  • Auto Industry Evolution During the 13th Five-Year Plan: Moderation, Rebalancing and Sustainable Development;
  • Automotive Aftermarket Revolution: Next Area of Growth for Dealers and Component Suppliers:
  • Broader Technological Perspective: Where Does the Auto Industry Go From Here?
  • China’s Auto Industry: Transforming and Upgrading Through Utilizing Opportunities in New Industrial Development;
  • China’s “Internet Plus” Vision: How Will It Impact the Auto Industry;
  • Harmonious Co-Existence Between Man and Nature;
  • Towards Sustainable Development: Is Greater Cooperation and Collaboration the Answer?

New for GAF this year, aside from the major agenda items, business meetings and press conferences, will be small scale workshops that will be held in the form of interest groups that offer participants an opportunity to express their views and discuss specific industry issues. Topics of workshops include: Facing Fast Development of NEV and Smart Cars, What is the Strategy Chinese Automakers Should Take? Path to Lean Manufacturing for Chinese Auto Parts Makers and Vision of Made-in-China 2025 – How can Chinese Auto Parts Makers Enhance its Manufacturing Capability? The Future of Mobility: How Transportation Technology and Social Trends Change? And With the U.S. Automotive Industry Hitting a Record Sales Year and Signs of Continued Growth, What Opportunities are there for Chinese Companies?

“With the changing macro economy and market and the continued improvement in manufacturing capabilities, the integration of new technologies especially internet technologies with traditional manufacturing industry presents China with a historical opportunity to transform and upgrade,” said Wang.

“Over the past 6 years, the GAF has been blessed with high quality speakers, from the global auto industry and global financial community, in addition, the prominent speakers from the Chinese auto industry and government leaders,” said Jack Perkowski, founder and managing director of JFP Holdings, a co-organizer of the event that have helped to make GAF a truly global forum and a preeminent automotive conference from the very beginning. “I’m pleased that the GAF has achieved this international recognition and has become one of the world’s most influential auto forums. The same will be true of GAF 2016, which promises to be the best ever.

Perkowski said that given the sweeping changes that are impacting the global and Chinese auto industries, much thought has been given to create a thought provoking agenda for this year’s event. The attendance at GAF 2016 also promises to be the largest ever, with attendance by leaders from hundreds of international and Chinese companies.

Senior executives and guests from domestic and international automakers including FAW, Chang’an, BAIC, GAC, Geely, Chery, BYD, Brilliance, Fujian Motor, Lifan, Foton, JMC, DFSK, Qingling, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Lexus, Infiniti, Ferrari, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini and Renault, as well as joint ventures such as SAIC-GM, FAW-Volkswagen, Beijing-Hyundai, Dongfeng-Nissan, Chang’an-Suzuki, Dongfeng-Yueda-Kia, GAC-FCA, BMW Brilliance, Beijing-Benz, GAC-Honda, Dongfeng-Infiniti and SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan will attend the forum.

Representatives will also come from suppliers including Bosch, Continental, Magna, Valeo, Lear, Delphi, Bridgestone, Denso, AISIN, Faurecia, Dana, American Axle Manufacturing, Toyota Boshoku and Jtekt. Foreign delegations from the U.S., Canada, France and Japan will participate while the U.S. and France will also feature national pavilions at the forum.

A total of 172 domestic and international media, including 17 foreign outlets, 34 Wemedia sources and a total of 344 journalists will be reporting onsite. Ten auto mainstream media groups will conduct live reporting.

GAF 2016 is hosted by CCPIT-Auto, Organizing Committee of China Chongqing International Auto Industry Fair, in association with China Central Television (CCTV), sponsored by Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, CCPIT and China Machinery Industry Federation. It is co-organized by Automotive Observer and JFP Holdings.

CBU/CAR will have a detailed recap of GAF in our July issue of China Automotive Review.

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