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Porsche World Roadshow tries to spread

After a day of extreme handling, braking, slalom, roadtour and demonstration driving with 19 Porsche models in Shanghai on June 2, the participating media likely have caught the “Porsche Virus.”
In addition to the media, about 450 potential and existing Porsche owners in China experienced the test drive at the Porsche World Roadshow at the Shanghai International Circuit, home of Formula One’s China Grand Prix, over a two week period from May 20.
“We hope that people have caught the Porsche Virus with this event,” said a driving instructor. “Once you own a Porsche, you will own it for life.”
This year is the fifth time Porsche has arranged such an event in China and the first time it is held at the F1 racetrack in Shanghai. Previous events in China were held in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Zhuhai.
In the test drive, guests experienced the Porsche cars and SUVs in a variety of situations specially designed to fully demonstrate key aspects of the vehicle’s performance. Accompanied by accomplished Chinese and German driving instructors, the guests were able to apply driving tips learned from the instructors on how to maximize performance in different situations and driving conditions. The most exciting of which may be cornering at over 100 km/h on the racetrack in the roadtour.
“This is our unique way of marketing our exciting products for the Chinese consumers,” Mark Bishop, managing director of Porsche China – Jebsen & Co. (China) Motors Ltd., told CBU/CAR.
Jebsen & Co. is the exclusive distributor of Porsche cars and SUVs in China established in 2001.
“We will try our best to organize Porsche World Roadshow every year in China to offer a memorable experience to Chinese customers and the media.”
The event certainly made the media envy of the owners of the German luxury sports car marquee, which increased by 857 last year in China. This year, Porsche China is targeting sales of 1,350 vehicles here.
Porsche China currently offers a product portfolio that includes the Boxter, Cayman, 911 and the Cayenne, the most popular Porsche model in China. These models carry sticker prices of at least ¥688,000 ($86,000) for the Boxter and ¥1.95 million for the 911 Turbo. They are distributed through 16 Porsche Centers in 15 cities in China (including Hong Kong and Macau). The number of Porsche Centers is expected to increase to 22 by the end of this year.
Porsche China launched a Chinese/English bilingual website at the end of June as it diversifies ways to “infect” Chinese consumers with the “Porsche Virus”and further develops China as a future key market.
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