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Potevio to build charging infrastructure in Hefei

HEFEI, Anhui – Hefei municipal government is joining hands with Shenzhen-based Potevio New Energy Company to build up an EV charging network in the city, including 600 charging poles and five large battery charging and swapping stations, according to

The project in Hefei signals Potevio’s business expansion and the opening up of charging market, according to industry insiders.

Besides its base city of Shenzhen, Potevio has set foot in the charging markets in Guagnzhou and Shanghai.

The EV charging market is becoming opener than before, said Fu Yi, vice president of Potevio New Energy Company. “An open market environment is good for both government and enterprises.”

Fu said one of the reasons for sluggish construction of EV infrastructure is that grid companies have dominated the market, which puts much pressure on themselves.

“An introduction of more players into this field can ease their pressures,” said Fu.

“Local governments and state-owned grid companies have different opinions on several issues such as the pricing of electricity. These disputes have also hampered the progress of infrastructure construction,” said Fu.


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