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Progress inspection in NEV pilot cities repeatedly postponed

The ministries responsible for NEV promotion (including MOST and the Financial Bureau) have ordered the official inspection of progress in the pilot cities. However, it has been repeatedly postponed. According to an inside source from the inspection team, the plan was originally to begin the inspection at the end of last year. One reason for the delay is that the responsible ministries are busy with other tasks, and struggling to manage time. Another might be that they are giving some of a pilot cities time to grow their industries and catch up, and encouraging the local governments to help in this.

This inspection will not result in any punishment for failure to reach promotion goals. However, according to the above inside source, the ministries may be considering a different motivation tactic. A possible plan would be to remove the restriction to pilot cities, allowing any Chinese city to participate, while also offering subsidies to the cities that perform the best.

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At the time of publishing, analyst Yang Shiming reports that the results of the inspection may be available in September.

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