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Qoros VP Sun Xiaodong taken away by prosecutor

Sun Xiaodong, Qoros vice president in charge of marketing and sales resigned recently, according to Qoros chairman Chen Anning

Why did Sun suddenly leave just three weeks before the Beijing Auto Show? It also happened less than three months after the departure of Qoros former CEO Phil Murtaugh.

As it turns out, Sun was taken away by the Pudong New District’s prosecutor office in Shanghai on March 22, according to an insider. Sun is either a suspect for or related to a corruption case involving a large SAIC-GM dealer.

Prior to his time at Qoros, Sun was in charge of marketing and sales at SAIC-GM between 1997 and 2009. In 2007, he was promoted to be SAIC-GM vice president.

Born in 1966, Sun has been known for his quiet and polite manners but excellent marketing and sales skills.

Sun has brought many changes to Qoros in the past two years, leading the company to realize a 170 percent sales growth in 2015. Sun has recently told the media that “Qoros can break even by the end of this year.”

Sun’s resignation and possible involvement in a corruption comes as an unexpected surprise because there have been rumors that SAIC-GM’s parent company, SAIC Group, has been trying to get him back.

Qoros has named Zhu Naijun, an executive from Chery Auto, to take over Sun’s position.

 (Translated by Kevin Wang based on author’s article published on  21 Shiji Jingji Baodao or 21st Century Economic Herald)

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