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Renault to cut auto parts prices in China

SHANGHAI – Renault will build an auto parts storehouse with its partner Nissan in Shanghai starting from February, 2011 to cut the costs of transportation, according to Chen Guozhang, general manager of Renault China, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Renault’s auto parts prices in the aftermarket will thus see a large reduction, said Chen. Meanwhile, the company has canceled five import dealers since April, 2010 and made Renault China the sole import agent in charging of the brand and sales platform. Renault’s mixed-mode sales strategy enables the company to provide more appealing prices while ensure the interests. Renault’s Koleo brand, for example, was priced at ¥268,000 ($39,412) regarding the original price of ¥328,000, still with an additional room for price-cut, cited Chen.

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