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Report: China child safety seat demand to hit 8 million sets in 2017

NEW YORK – The China Child Safety Seat Market Report, recently published by Reportlinker, projects that demand for child safety seats in China will post a CAGR of 68 percent during 2014-2017 and hit 8 million sets in 2017.

Compared with developed countries, the Chinese child safety seat market is still in its infancy, small in scale and immature in industrial development. China’s consumption of child safety seats witnessed a surge in 2013, flying as high as 100 percent over 2012.

Shanghai, Shandong Province and Shenzhen have taken the lead in releasing local laws and regulations in which it is specified that children under 4 years are forced to use safety seats.

Many domestic brands and a large number of brands from Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea are distributed in China’s child safety seat market, showing relatively low concentration and keen competition. Homemade brands prevail by low price while the imported ones are superior in quality.

The sales statistics of child safety seat from Taobao show that homemade LUTULE and Ganen with the price advantage are the two best-selling brands, followed by imported KIDDY, CONCORD and Britax, respectively, whose child safety seats are all priced above ¥2,000 ($333).

In China, most cars have been equipped with standard child safety seat interfaces, in which ISOFIX enjoys the most popularity, while LATCH interface is adopted by Chevrolet, Hyundai and some other automakers.

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