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SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan launches two logistics transportation trucks

CHONGQING – SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. launched its Hongyan Gentruck and new Hongyan Genlyon to the market on September 19.

The Gentruck 6×2 trailer filled the blank of Hongyan in medium-end truck market and the upgraded Hongyan Genlyon enhanced its position in the high-end market.

According to Yang Hanlin, president of SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan, the Gentruck has completed a total customer test mileage of over 1 million kilometers before hitting the market with strong liability.

The new Genlyon and Gentruck made their debut at Auto Shanghai in April and Auto Chongqing in June respectively and were finally launched to the market this September.

The Gentruck 6×2 trailer adopts the light-weight, narrow-body, and high-roof driving cabin with total weight less than 7 tons.

Equipped with the Cursor 9L engine, the Gentruck owns a maximum torque of 1,590 Nm and maximum power of 390 hp. Hongyan also offers customers a 350-hp Cursor 9L engine with a FAST 12-speed aluminum body AT transmission. Rear axle speed ratio has two options, the 3.36 and 4.11.

The 390-hp and 350-hp Gentrucks are priced at ¥248,800 ($39,181) and ¥239,800 respectively.

The new Genlyon 6×4 480 trailer adopts the Cursor 13L F3BEE681A*T engine with maximum power of 480 hp in 1,900 rpm and 2,200 Nm maximum torque at 1,100 rpm with the FAST 12-speed AT transmission.

The new Genlyon adopts the Hongyan H6A single stage welding axle with speed-ratio options at 2.846 and 3.7.

The 480-hp Genlyon wears a price tag of ¥338,800 and offers brand new outer appearance color of golden orange.

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