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SAIC to appoint new chairman and president

SHANGHAI – Chen Zhixin, 55, executive vice president of Shanghai Automobile Industry (Group) Corp. (SAIC), will be appointed the company’s new president, succeeding Chen Hong, according to a note on the website of Department of Organization of Shanghai Municipal Committee released on April 28.

Chen Hong, 53, secretary of the Party, deputy chairman and president of SAIC, will succeed Hu Maoyuan as the company’s chairman. It is reported that these appointments will be officially announced in May.

Chen Hong started his career in December 1984 by serving at the car operation office of Shanghai Tractor Industry Affiliated Co., the predecessor of SAIC. He held many positions in SAIC’s HR, strategic planning department, engine factory, car project and other divisions. Chen Hong was named vice president of Shanghai-GM in June 1997 and president in July 1999. He served as vice president of SAIC and president of Shanghai-GM from March 2003 to December 2004. He was appointed SAIC’s president and deputy secretary of the Party in December 2004 and deputy chairman in May 2007. Chen Hong succeeded Hu as SAIC’s Party secretary in December 2013

Chen Zhixin began his career in 1979 and served at Shanghai-Volkswagen as director and manager in planning, logistic and purchasing departments from 1986 to 1997. He was appointed president of Shanghai ZF Transmission Co., Ltd. in 1997. He transferred back to SAIC as assistant to president in November 2000. Chen Zhixin was appointed president and director of the board of Shanghai-Volkswagen in September 2002. He took the post as executive vice president of SAIC and president of Nanjing Automobile Co., Ltd. (NAC) in December 2007. He became president of SAIC Motor in January 2009.

According to CBU-Autostats, SAIC sold 1,402,008 vehicles in the first three months, a year-on-year rise of 8.78 percent.

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