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SAIC to launch Roewe E50 electric car in October 2012

SHANGHAI – SAIC announced on February 28 that its pure electric vehicle Roewe E50 is scheduled to be launched in retail market in October with sales expected at 1,000 units in 2012, reported Oriental Morning Post

The same day SAIC signed an agreement with Shanghai International Automobile City to strategically promote new energy vehicles demonstration.

The first batch of 200 units of E50 will be sold to Shanghai Gaozhan New Energy Vehicle Sales, which is reportedly China’s first 4S store specialized in NEVs opened in November 2011.

“We are confident in selling 200 Roewe E50. Since our 4S store opened in late 2011, we have sold 20 new energy vehicles and another 30 units are to be sold,” said president of the sales company Zeng Xiangyi.

The vehicle has both quick and slow charging modes and has a drive range of up to 120 km on a full charge.

The Roewe E50 is a product of three years of independent research and development work at SAIC, which holds all the intellectual property rights to the battery car.

Batteries of the E50 are manufactured by Shanghai Jiexin Power Battery Systems, Ltd., a joint venture between SAIC and American company A123 at a participation ratio of 51:49.

Electronic control systems are provided by Shanghai Jieneng Automotive Technology Co., a SAIC wholly-owned company which is dedicated to develop hybrid and electric powertrains.

The battery-powered E50 features several lightweight materials from Evonik for various applications, such as Plexiglas acrylic resin for the side screens, rear window and rear lamp, and an epoxy resin formulation based on Vestamin hardener technology for the engine hood.

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