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SAIC to produce Shanghai brand new energy vehicles

SHANGHAI – SAIC will produce the Shanghai brand new energy vehicles, according to a report in China Business News.

The brand which was discontinued in 1991 appears again in the latest edition of the Circular of Vehicle Manufacturers and Their Products released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on December 24.

 “The Shanghai brand is designed to promote new energy vehicles and technologies,” said a person in SAIC. “Fuel-cell vehicles which may be the development direction of new energy vehicles will be included in the Shanghai brand vehicle list, helping promote SAIC’s brand image.”

The Shanghai brand fuel-cell vehicles will be produced based on the Roewe 750, integrating plug-in and fuel-cell technologies.

SAIC plans to show and promote the Shanghai brand fuel-cell vehicles starting from 2014 in cities which will offer subsidies to new energy vehicles.

SAIC is confident in fuel-cell vehicles market. The company released its development route of new energy vehicles in May 2013. It has planned to speed up the development of hybrid technology and industrialization of new energy vehicles.

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