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Sapa commits in thermal management in hybrid and electric vehicles

SHANGHAI – Sapa Heat Transfer (Shanghai) Ltd. (Sapa) held its biennial technical seminar in Shanghai on September 14-15, 2010. Hou Jin, development manager of HEV/EV Business Asia, Sapa Profiles Shanghai, shared Sapa’s development of thermal management in hybrid and electric vehicles with more than 400 participants from OEMs and suppliers.

In the Hybrid & EV section, Hou introduced Sapa’s recent research results in the thermal management of battery systems, cooling of electric motors, cooling of power electronics, aluminum structure and parts for weight reduction. “By utilizing our deep knowledge in aluminum materials and thermal management, Sapa has developed a number of products and solutions dedicated to HEV/EV applications,” said Hou. Sapa also has the capability to supply material and products in large volume and globally match the needs from the automotive industry, according to Hou.

Sapa, together with its sister company, Sapa Heat Transfer AB in Sweden, are the world’s leading manufacturers in the production of aluminum heat-exchanger strips for the automotive and stationary industry. Sapa is also engaged in developing, producing and marketing aluminum strips for radiators, air-conditioning systems, and other heat exchangers for automotive and stationary applications.

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