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Scania opens warehouse in Shanghai

SHANGHAI – Scania held an opening ceremony for its logistics center in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ) on March 31.

The warehouse covers an area of 1,600 square meters with over 8,000 spare and accessory parts which have a total value of ¥35 million ($5.38 million).

According to the regulations of Yangshan District of SFTZ, Scania can store both bonded and non-bonded parts there. Qualified bonded parts in urgent needs, which account for a larger portion, can be handed to customers before customs clearance, which means that the delivery cycle has been highly shortened and thus reducing costs. The favorable withdrawal cargo and tax exemption policies in the zone have enlarged Scania’s goods storage, such as cab shell, engines, etc.

The favorable policies in the free trade zone will enlarge the storage quantity and range, and greatly enhance the delivery efficiency for Scania.


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