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Segment markets, logistics and dealers key words at 2016 business conferences

Segment markets, logistics and dealers were the common focuses of business conferences recently held by China’s top four heavy-duty truck manufacturers – DFCV, CNHTC, FAW Jiefang and Shaanxi Auto.

All four truck makers will endeavor in the exploration of segment markets next year to better serve customers. For example, DFCV launched nine new products for segment markets such as trailer, load truck and heavy industry with every product targeting their own markets.

Shaanxi Auto aims to make a powerful transformation and focus more on special-purpose vehicles such as vehicles for harbors, cold-chain, quick delivery, farm and sideline products, hazmat and heavy-cargos. The company will also launch different tonnage products ranging from 15 to 55 tons for correspondent users.  

CNHTC will enhance the communication with refitted factories, promote MAN technology products in the special-purpose vehicle segment and highly emphasize the development of medium and heavy-duty special-purpose vehicles.

FAW Jiefang will launch different versions of products for mountainous regions, cold areas, and southern districts to fully meet individual needs of segment markets.

Logistics transportation has been tied closer with the heavy-duty truck industry with the emergence of e-commerce, and speakers at DFCV’s marketing and sales summit forum reached a consensus that demand in China will transform from industrial logistics into consumer goods logistics with consolidation the future trend of China’s logistics industry. Logistics enterprises and individuals involved will develop differently, according to the speakers.

Shaanxi Auto’s logistics transportation vehicles such as cold-chain vehicles saw sales jump in 2015 and the company plans to focus more on high-efficiency logistics vehicles in 2016. FAW Jiefang also plans to launch a 13L trailer with a 550 hp engine to fulfill demand of mainline logistics transportation.

All four truck makers attached great importance to dealers this year and regarded dealers as their first customers. DFCV held its fourth dealer forum, FAW Jiefang and Shaanxi Auto dealers acted plays to reflect their own state of operation, and CNHTC played a short film about dealers at the conference. Besides end users, truck makers started to focus more on channels and dealers and made dealers the leading part of the conferences, which was a giant leap for the manufacturers to tap into their most valuable resources – the channels.  

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