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Shaanxi Auto exports 200 dumpers to Malaysia

SHANGHAI – Shaanxi Automobile Group (Shaanxi Auto) held a ceremony on March 6 for its 200 units of dumpers headed to Malaysia. The heavy-duty trucks will be used to help construct Kuala Lumpur airport.

The Shaanxi-based automaker has reportedly seen booming sales since the beginning of 2010. The company claimed that its daily order volume reached a peak of almost 900 units, and averaged 580 units in February. Shaanxi Auto is expected to sell 30,000 units in the first quarter of this year.

According to CBU-Autostats, Shaanxi Auto finished last year with sales of 69,747 units of medium and heavy-duty trucks and chassis, an increase of 7.85 percent year-on-year, but lower than the industry average of 14.6 percent. Yuan Hongming, Shaanxi Auto’s general manager, announced the company’s sales target for this year at 100,000 units on December 10, 2009, during the automaker’s annual convention. To reach this goal, a 43.4 percent sales increase is needed.



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