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Shanghai-GM to produce 1.0T engines in Wuha

SHANGHAI – Shanghai-GM will manufacture new generation C-series 1.0T engines at its plant in Wuhan, Hubei Province, according to a statement released by Wuhan Provincial Development and Reform Commission at the end of March, as reported by

The engines, which are expected to be put into production in 2017, will be equipped in small cars made by the joint venture. According to information disclosed in the statement, the three valve 1.0T engine’s output will be 82 kW per liter.

A spokesperson from the JV said that producing smaller engines would be a trend for Shanghai-GM.

The JV, which started production of 1.4T and 1.5T engines last year, has invested ¥1.91 billion ($312.5 million) in the 1.0T engine project.

In addition to Shanghai-GM, Volkswagen, PSA and Kia have already begun preparation of manufacture of smaller engines in China.

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