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Shanghai-Maple cuts prices of Marindo MA and Hysoul MA

SHANGHAI – Shanghai Maple Automobile Co., Ltd. on October 18 cut the prices of the Marindo MA and Hysoul MA by as much as ¥8,000 ($1,000), according to a company announcement.
The Marindo MA Standard received the biggest cut, with a new retail price of ¥51,999.
Model                    Variant                  Old Price                   New Price
Marindo MA        Comfort                59,999                      54,999
                                Anniversary          66,666                      59,999
                                Luxury                   72,888                      67,890
Hysoul MA           Fashion                  65,999                      59,999
                                Noble                     71,999                      65,999
                                Executive              81,888                      75,888
The company said the price cuts would make the models more competitive.
In the first three quarters of this year, it sold 13,455 units of the Marindo series, which also includes the Marindo AA, and 6,234 units of the Hysoul MA.

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