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Shanghai-Volkswagen car sales rose 18.1 percent in May

SHANGHAI – Shanghai-Volkswagen sold 88,008 units of vehicles in China in May, up 18.1 percent year-on-year, according to data released by the company. 

Contrary to the domestic market performance, Shanghai-Volkswagen retained solid growth with sales totaling 438,396 units in the January to May period.

The Volkswagen brand cars posted sales of 70,839 units in May, up 17.4 percent year-on-year. The Tiguan saw an increase of 75 percent to 9,499 units in sales, and the company’s star model in the mid-class segment, the Lavida, has kept its monthly sales record of exceeding 20,000 units with 21,814 units sold in May.

The Passat family has delivered 9,238 units in May with the all-new Passat contributing 3,273 units to the sales total. The Polo and the Santana registered sales of 11,665 and 16,769 units respectively.

The Skoda brand sold 17,169 units during the same period, and achieved an increase of 21.2 percent on a yearly basis. The Skoda Fabia witnessed sales of 3,388 units in May. The A-class model Octavia and the B-class Superb also saw a 32 percent and 21 percent growth respectively with sales totaling 9,669 and 4,112 units.

Four models of Shanghai-Volkswagen have been listed on the 6th batch of Energy-Saving Vehicles Catalogue released by the government on May 17.  To date, 25 models of seven series of Shanghai-Volkswagen have been included in the Catalogue, representing the company’s advantages in environment protection technology.

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