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Shanghai implements State IV emission standards from November

To further control vehicle emissions in the metropolis, Shanghai, the city of 2010 World Expo, has started to introduce State IV emission standards from November 2 this year on both light petrol cars and heavy vehicles used by public transportation, city sanitation and postal services.

Compared with the present State III emission standards, the light vehicle emissions under the new standards will be reduced by 50 percent and heavy vehicle emissions by 30 percent. With major pollutants removed by 10 to 15 percent, the environmental quality will be further improved.

In recent years Shanghai has intensified environmental protection to improve air quality citywide. However, there are still 200,000 petrol vehicles plus 180,000 diesel vehicles in the city that fail to meet State I, II or III emission standards. Though accounting for less than 14 percent in number, these vehicles may discharge half of the city pollutants, seriously affecting the air quality of the municipality.

Earlier in August Shanghai announced regulations for driving in the city’s Middle Ring Road, effectively ridding the downtown area of heavy pollutant vehicles.

Now the citywide gas stations offer State IV standard refined oil, and the supply of petroleum with Octane No. 90 is stopped in Shanghai.

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