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Shanghai to equip 5,000 diesel buses with air purifiers

SHANGHAI – Shanghai Transportation Committee plans to equip air purifiers in 5,000 State-III emissions standards-compliant public transportation buses this year to reduce air pollution. The filter-look purifier can reduce more than 95 percent of PM2.5 particle emissions, according to the Committee.

The First Public Transpiration Bus Corp. of Shanghai equipped 300 of its buses with the purifiers last year and saw very good effects, introduced Huang Wenming, engineer of the company. The purifier system consists of two parts, the DOC and CDPF. According to the test of Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center, the purifier can reduce over 95, 60 and 70 percent of PM2.5 particle, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon emissions.

Gas molecules will go straight through the 8-13 microns width micropore and leave the particles with a diameter larger than 50 nanometers to be intercepted by the purifier, introduced Cui Jianguang, general manager of Shanghai Trunett Environmental Tech Co., Ltd., the developer of the purifier.

Particles intercepted will block the engine without fully burning, which has been a bottleneck of the industry. The researcher coats platinum and palladium as catalyst inside of the purifier and burns out the particles using engine afterheat. “The newly added purifying device can also reduce noise besides cutting waste emission,” said Huang. Moreover, the purifier will not impose a  burden on the engine, emphasized Huang. “The test vehicles have run at least one year on the road with cumulative mileage of more than 240,000 kilometers. Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers has not increased without manual maintenance and additional driver operation,” said Huang.

According to the Shanghai Clean Air Act Planning (2013-2017) issued in 2013, the city will reduce its PM2.5 emissions by 20 percent by 2017. Shanghai will expand the application of tail gas purifiers into diesel engine post vehicles and sanitary vehicles in the next step, according to the Committee.

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