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Shanghai to launch EV rental service in April

SHANGHAI – A local bus and passenger vehicle rental service company plans to lease the Roewe E50 starting early April with the daily rental no more than ¥200 ($32), reported Shanghai Daily.

The company has purchased 97 Roewe E50s to provide the EV rental service.

“Usage cost of electric cars will be much lower than that of the gasoline cars,” said a sales manager from the company.

The company also provides long-term rental service targeting government and corporate clients, which can choose to install charging poles at designated sites.

Shanghai just released a set of incentive regulations on purchase of new energy vehicles at the end of 2012, including that NEV buyers will be given the car plate for free instead of an auction.

The regulations said the central finance subsidy is up to ¥60,000 coupled by an extra subsidy of up to ¥40,000 from local finance.

Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corp. officially launched its first battery electric vehicle product, the Roewe E50, in November 2012, at around $37,600 in an effort to crack the private consumer market.



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