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Shu Youxing: Faster speed on BYD development and its EVs

Fastness is a direction mankind pursues, a kind of essential experience and strengthening on auto power is an important direction for future vehicles. BYD devotes itself on elevating power to have every person enjoy fast driving in the future, according to Shu Youxing, general manager of BYD Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

“From Qin with 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of 5.9 seconds, to Tang of 4.9 seconds, and upcoming Tang II of 3.9 seconds, Han of 2.9 seconds in the future, those super powered products are no longer dreams in the EV era,” said Shu.

Regarding theories believing electricity consumed by EVs would affect the environment, Shu had a different view.  

EVs are mainly charged in late night and use electricity that is otherwise wasted and will not shock the electricity grid. “Just count electricity volume, energy consumed when generating and the pollution accompanied, then put it against EV development, that’s too partial,” said Shu.

EVs made by BYD have reduced carbon emissions by 277,000 tons in six years, which equals to planting 15 million trees with afforestation area the same as the whole of Singapore, according to Shu. “The more EVs are running on roads, the cleaner a society would become.”

EVs can also improve on safety and save lives. Response time when facing an accident can be shortened to 0.02 second from the current 0.6 second. Of 1.25 million global traffic related deaths every year, 60 percent is caused by car drift, overturn or loss of control. BYD wants to help and save the 60 percent with its technologies on electrification, according to Shu.

BYD topped global NEV sales list in 2015 and has its EVs running in some 200 cities globally.

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