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Souche: selling used cars on consignment, an online used car dealership, opened a used car store at the Century Golden Resources Mall in Beijing in mid-June this year. It has become China’s first used car dealership by brand and customers can sell their cars on consignment.

With 20,000 square meters of indoor space enough to display 500 vehicles, the Souche dealership has become the country’s largest single shop for used car sales. The shop opens daily from early morning till 10 pm offering transparent and thoughtful services for both sellers and buyers.

What makes customers exciting is the easy access online as well as in the shop to all information about the cars for sale, such as ownership and service records, pictures, vehicle specifications and equipment, mileage, inspection and test results and pricing. The detailed and transparent information makes both sellers and buyers feel that they are in control of what they are selling and buying.

With fashionable steel frames, glass walls, beautiful ornaments and shining lights, the dealer shop changes people’s image of an old style chaotic used vehicle mart.  

To ensure the quality and safety of used cars for sale, Souche has introduced advanced testing equipment and hired experienced mechanics to inspect and test all used cars in an effort to prevent vehicles involved in major accidents from flowing into the shop. Souche claims to conduct tests on 356 items of each car for sale. Souche also offers a 7-day return policy and a warranty for 6 months. It provides sellers vehicle transportation after they deliver their cars for sale.

Souche also offers owners the choice of setting a sales price for their vehicles after inspection, in effect having a consignment sale. Souche would deduct 3 percent from the sale as consignment fee.

According to founder Yao Junhong, China is entering an era of used car sales. Yao wants to build a new and trustworthy platform for used car sales allowing a growing number of Chinese consumers to enjoy the same open and transparent experience in selling and buying used cars seen in developed markets. 

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