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Subaru unleashes 2008 Tribeca

BEIJING ¨C Subaru (China) Co., Ltd. will take the wraps off the 2008 version of its high-end SUV ¨C Tribeca on January 21. Multiple modifications have been made to the appearance and powertrain.


The new model resembles the 2008 Outback in appearance. And its displacement has been lifted to 3.6L from 3.0L. The 2008 Tribeca will also be priced ¥10,000-¥20,000 ($1,351) higher than the old version which is sold at ¥549,800, according to a 4S dealer in Beijing.


The Tribeca features Symmetrical AWD and SUBARU BOXER engine, which provides a maximum power of 256hp/6600rpm and a peak torque of 335Nm/4400rpm.


Tribeca and rival models comparison

Model               Subaru Tribeca(08)        Audi Q7                BMW X5

Displacement     3.6L                              3.6L                        3.0L

Engine                Subaru Boxer               V6                              L6

Transmission     5AT/MT                        6AT                             6AT

Max Power        256Hp                           280Hp                         272Hp

Price                   ¥559,800-569,800          ¥798,000-990,000          ¥895,000

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