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Superior website experience helps boost test drive and car purchase intentio

Test drive and car purchase intention will be higher when automakers provide superior website experience, according to 2013 China Brand Website Evaluation StudySM (BWES) released by J.D. Power.

The study measures usefulness of automaker’s website in four key aspects (in order of importance): information and content, appearance, speed, and navigation.

Overall satisfaction with automotive brand websites averaged 730 on a 1,000-point scale.

Among all four aspects, speed achieved the highest satisfaction score at 746, while satisfaction for information and content was the lowest at 720.

Approximately 12 percent of new-vehicle shoppers in high satisfaction tier indicated that their test drive intention became “much higher” and 10 percent indicated their purchase intention became “much higher” after visiting the websites, compared with 7 percent and 6 percent respectively among shoppers in low satisfaction tier.

About 47 percent of shoppers used websites to compare vehicles and 28 percent used them during purchase decision process.

Approximately one-half of new-vehicle shoppers used portal websites as their information source when considering purchasing a vehicle.

Car verticals also played an important role in comparison (61 percent) and decision-making (34 percent) stages.

Of new-vehicle shoppers, 41 percent indicated that they intended to use the Internet when they make their final vehicle purchase choice, as well as when they select their vehicle pick-up option.

Thirty-seven percent of shoppers intended to use the Internet for price negotiation and 23 percent intended to use it to check auto financing services and provide a down payment.

FAW-Toyota’s website ranked the highest in overall satisfaction with a score of 770. BMW ranked second with a score of 761, and Lexus ranked third with a score of 758. 

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