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Tang Yuxiang: China bus market to increase 5 percent in the next few years

BEIJING – The bus market will maintain an increase of about 5 percent in the next few years, said Tang Yuxiang, chairman of Yutong Bus Co., Ltd., at a media interview during the annual NPC session, reported

Tang pointed out that the bus market will enter a period of low-speed growth in the next few years. The chairman was also optimistic about the public bus market. With the continuing urbanization construction, many cities would be in long-term demand of public buses, said Tang. “Public buses, especially new energy buses, will see large growth in the next few years,” Tang said.

The school bus market will see increase as well in 2014, said Tang. “Kindergartens, especially the private ones, are regarding school buses as part of their competitiveness, and the school bus market will perform better with government support,” said the chairman.

“China’s bus exports have large potential,” said Tang. “Bus sales worldwide are 500,000 to 600,000 units with more than 200,000 units sold in China. Export of large and medium buses from China is less than 20,000 units annually, or only 10 percent of total global bus exports. The export volume of Chinese buses can be increased to 20 percent or even 30 percent in the future,” said Tang.

“Although new energy buses have not been mentioned in this year’s government report, the segment will see good growth this year,” said Tang. The chairman also commented that the developing route of new energy buses of China is changing way too frequent. “Common hybrid vehicles can be upgraded to the Euro-V emissions standards compliant, and the government should keep on supporting common hybrid buses,” said Tang.

Charging facilities are also another concern of the chairman. “The government is promoting pure electric buses and plug-in hybrid buses. However, without sufficient charging facilities, many plug-in hybrid buses are operating as common hybrid buses.”

“Battery technology worldwide, including that of Tesla, is not yet mature. It is way too early to develop pure electric buses in China at the current stage,” said Tang.


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