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Tianneng Group to double battery capacity

HUZHOU, Zhejiang – Tianneng Group will produce up to 1 million lithium batteries per day by years end, which is double the current capacity, chairman Zhang Tianren said in an interview in Beijing during this year’s NPC session.

The battery maker will also double the number of lead-acid batteries this year, according to Zhang.

“There is huge demand for batteries as sales of low-speed electric cars are expected to more than double to half a million units this year,” said Zhang. “Our operations will see great improvement this year.”

The company had a 51 percent share of the market for batteries used in urban mini-EVs in China in 2013, according to a company release in September last year.

Founded in 1986, Tianneng Group mainly produces start battery, start-stop batteries, electric vehicle battery, lithium battery, etc.

The company’s customers include Chery, Kandi Technologies and SAIC Motor.


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