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Toyota to set up new production line in Tianji

TOYOTA CITY, Japan – Toyota plans to build a new production line to be operated by Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (TFTM), a joint venture built with China FAW Group Corp. (FAW), in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), according to a company news release.

The new production line with an annual output capacity of roughly 100,000 vehicles is planned to begin production of a new vehicle model by mid-2018. Approximately 59 billion yen ($475 million) will be invested in the line.

The new line will take flexibility to a new level, allowing lengthening or shortening according to changes in vehicle model or volume. In addition, the implementation of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) will help boost TFTM’s overall productivity.

Despite the addition of the new line, TFTM’s overall production capacity is projected to remain at roughly current levels, since an aging TFTM line will stop vehicle production by the end of 2017.

Toyota also announced in April that it would be restructuring its existing lines and building an additional production line by the end of 2017 at GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (GTMC) in Guangzhou, China.

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