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Valspar opens auto refinish training center in Shanghai

SHANGHAI – Valspar, a well-known global coating and paint manufacturer, announced on October 11 the inauguration of its Auto Refinish Shanghai Training Center. Valspar executives and guests from various fields were present at the grand opening ceremony.

Located in Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang industrial park, the Valspar Auto Refinish Shanghai Training Center covers an area of 600 square meters and represents an investment of ¥5 million ($794,000). Equipped with world class product inspection and test equipment, such as a water-based spray booth, the training center will be able to accommodate more than 500 technicians for a whole year of technical trainings and as a full-range of technical training center it provides trainees a safe and comfortable environment for learning, resulting in consistent high-quality paint spray experiences. Following Valspar’s Auto Refinish Guangzhou technical training center, the Shanghai training center is another strategic step for Valspar’s automotive business in China.

“We are young to this market and are ready to accelerate our capacity to grow together with our customers for great success,” said Carl Wierks, vice president of Valspar Automotive. “After opening two technical training centers in three years, we are ready for China and are committed to provide accurate color and precise formulation to our business distributors and to Chinese car owners. It’s never too late to start a promising business in China,” Wierks added.

Valspar Automotive boasts an advanced rich, accurate color formulation system. At present, Valspar has established three color development centers in the Netherlands, the United States and China. The Guangzhou China color development center provides quick color consulting service and accurate color development services for the Chinese market. Valspar’s color data system, ICRIS, has stored more than 200,000 color formulas and offers weekly online updated information so that customers are able to find an accurate color formula on their first try. Valspar Automotive now owns four product brands, Debeer, Octoral, Valspar Refinish and House of Kolor, which cover the low VOC product, water base 900+, high solid primer and the 2k acrylic acid series.

Valspar completed the strategic acquisition of Guangdong Huarun paints in 2006, which was a milestone for Valspar’s strategic development in China. Valspar Asia headquarters is located in Shanghai and has branch offices and manufacturing sites in Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Dongguan and Shunde. Valspar Automotive’s Shanghai and Guangzhou auto refinish training centers will soon be joined by a Beijing training center, which is currently under construction. This wide geographic network will enable Valspar to quickly respond to the needs of customers and offer nationwide technical support with great effectiveness and efficiency.

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