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Visteon provides technology design solutions to automotive systems

SHANGHAI – Visteon Corporation has recently announced two technical innovations with electronics solutions to automobiles, in-vehicle family entertainment system (FES) and integrated navigation system, the latter of which was designed at the Visteon China Technical Center and tailored for Chinese consumers, according to a company news release.

The in-vehicle family entertainment system (FES) initiated on luxury cars is now no longer limited to specific high-end market. Visteon is leading the way in introducing FES across vehicle segments, providing passengers with more entertainment, communication and mobile office space to enjoy a true experience of universal contact on wheels.

Traditionally, entertainment systems in a car could provide users with a DVD player for simple, low resolution displays. But today’s sophisticated systems may include an array of features such as high end graphics on high resolution displays, USB/iPod connectivity and mobile video tuners, commonly built on advanced vehicle networks.

Visteo’s entertainment system is generally made of three components. It adopts a powerful and stable central processing core, with two USB ports to offer a wide range of options for flexible application in high resolution displays. Based on Java implementation the Chat software enables users to utilize such chat tools as MSN Messenger, Skype or Google from the mobile vehicle.

To reduce the risk of outdated equipment in the automobile, Visteon has employed an open software framework to secure simple upgrades of the consumer interfaces, while using upgradable hardware platform to allow additional enhancements. The overall design including the 480Mbps USB connection remains relevant for the latest trends. As a result, little additional engineering is required to significantly reduce the time for development.

In addition, Visteo’s first navigation solution featuring an integrated digital radio, DVD, advanced climate controls and user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI) has been applied to two models of Mondeo by Chang’an-Ford-Mazda in China. The system development took only 11 months, much faster than the traditional cycle of 18 to 24 months, said the company.

“The system is based on an existing radio and DVD platform, to which is added an advanced navigation system,” said Dean Miles, product segment leader for audio and infotainment of Visteon Asia Pacific, in Shanghai. “It also uses a secure digital memory card to ensure easy map upgrades as China’s navigation map database continues to develop.”

While demonstrating the performance of the navigation system, Miles went into details of ingenuity to meet multiple purposes for local consumers. With voice guidance in Chinese, seamless HMI, split screen routing plus a gyrocompass, the navigator could offer accurate mapping for spot network communication in absence of GPS signals.

Combining three elements of speed sensors, GPS and gyro input, the navigator could function properly in driving along elevated highways or across overpasses and tunnels. Besides, practical routing options may help drivers to select most convenient paths to avoid blocking areas in the city.

Visteon Corporation, as a leading automotive supplier in the world, has now 24 manufacturing facilities and two customer service centers in China. Despite the global economic recession today, the company is committed to consolidating its ability to integrate mobile electronics into vehicles and further building its R&D capability in China to better serve the Chinese automakers and consumers in coming years, said the news release. 



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