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Volkswagen China sales continue to decline

Volkswagen China sales continued to decline in December 2014, according to a story on Sales of the Lavida, one of the top three best selling cars in China, fell out of the Top 10.

According to Volkswagen website, sales of passenger vehicles in China in 2014 totaled 2.76 million units, a 10 percent increase from the 2.51 million in 2013. Sales of all Volkswagen vehicles in 2014 totaled 3.675 million units, a 12.4 percent increase from the 3.271 million in 2013.

Based on the extrapolation of available data, Volkswagen sales for December 2014 totaled 233,000 units, a 6 percent decrease from the 249,000 sold in December 2013. also reported that Volkswagen sales in November 2014 were down 3 percent. Although Volkswagen did not indicate monthly sales decline, the news about adjustments of Shanghai-Volkswagen output was indicative of the consecutive monthly sales decline.

Sales of the Lavida, Jetta, Passat and Tiguan all took a dive in December. Volkswagen’s wholesale volume declined across the board, with the Lavida, Passat and Jetta experiencing significant drops.

The Lavida was leading in sedan sales for many months in China. But its December sales plummeted 30.7 percent from 28,170 units to 19,508, falling out of the Top 10 listed by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. On the other hand, Geely’s EC7 and Honda’s Crider both exceeded 25,000 units in December sales.

Sales of the Passat in December fell 38.2 percent year-on-year from 14,916 units to 9,225. Although leading Volkswagen brands continued to grow in sales in 2014, sales of the Lavida and Passat declined compared with 2013. Sales of the Lavida fell about 0.6 percent, from 374,056 units to 371,962, while those of the Passat fell 3.9 percent, from 227,262 units to 218,344.

Even the Tiguan, which has been the top selling SUV, suffered a 12.5 percent drop, from 17,316 units to 15,145. The most popular SUV model in December was the Haval H6, with 31,400 units sold. The Tiguan was in eighth place, about less than half of the Haval H6.

Due to Volkswagen’s “Axle Gate” last year, sales of the Sagitar also declined in December by 24.8 percent, from 20,669 units in December 2013 to 15,553 units. Sales of the Sagitar for the year maintained positive growth of 10.7 percent, from 271,188 units in 2013 to 300,082 units in 2014.

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