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Volkswagen faces nationwide protests in China

Volkswagen AG faces nationwide protests in China after the New Sagitar car owners expressed dissatisfaction over the German company’s handling of a recall to fix a possible defect in the suspension system of the New Sagitar.

According to local media statistics, the Sagitar owners from about 113 cities in more than 20 provinces were involved in the mass protests on October 26. Some held banners condemning Volkswagen for being “unconscionable” and others distributed flyers describing their fear of driving the cars.

Volkswagen said in its announcement that it will recall 563,605 New Sagitars in China to fix metal plates to the rear torsion crank axle, which will stabilize the vehicles and emit warning noises in case of cracks.

Besides installing the metal plates in affected vehicles, Volkswagen will offer a 10-year guarantee as a goodwill gesture to fix any rear torsion crank axle damaged in the New Sagitar cars included in the recall, the automaker said on October 25.

The axle is safe and installing the metal inlays is like “providing a double assurance,” Soh Weiming, Volkswagen China’s executive vice president said on October 24.

Unconvinced New Sagitar car owners, however, demanded the company replace the rear suspension or give refund to them.


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