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Volkswagen launches pilot EV program in Beijing

Volkswagen China announced on March 29 that the company’s first electric vehicle team had been officially launched in China, according to a company news release. The team of 13 electric vehicles will be placed at the National Museum of China in Beijing to provide touring services.

The EV team contains three electric Golf cars and 10 hybrid Touareg SUVs. It is Volkswagen’s first EV pilot project in the world, which aims to have consumers experience Volkswagen’s prominent EVs and cutting-edge technologies, the company said.

 “We believe we need to develop electric vehicles and technologies to further sustainable development and Volkswagen aims to become a leader in the EV industry by 2018, manufacturing affordable EVs for Chinese consumers,” said Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of Volkswagen China.

Volkswagen will also launch the project in seven other cities in China this September, according to the statement.



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