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Volkswagen starts car rental business in China

Volkswagen New Mobility Services Investment Co., Ltd. announced on January 7 to take over the Shanghai Zhenlang Transportation Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. and will officially begin car rental operation in China, according to a report on

“The acquisition of Shanghai Zhenlang is the first important step to operate rental business in China,” said company general manager Peter Tempich. “In the second step, we plan to gradually set up car rental stations in major cities aimed at corporate clients. We are confident that car rental business in China will be developing fast.”

Since its founding in November 2011, the service company under German automaker Volkswagen AG has concentrated on investments in long-term rentals, aftersales services and alternative mobility solutions, such as corporate car sharing and e-mobility services.

The company will provide all brands under the Volkswagen group such as Volkswagen, Audi, and Skoda.


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